All our finished products are sampled and sent to laboratories to analyse, control and attest that our products are consistent and adhere to construction standards.

Granite is the Primary material used in producing our aggregates which are manufactured using equipment of advanced technology. Granite is a hard rock of granular structure which has good properties that make it the most popular building material giving the best aggregates for high-grade concrete.

Our products are used in many applications including retaining-walls, ready-mixed concrete, precast concrete, kerbs, paving-blocks, blocks, decorating blocks, slabs, culvert pipes, landscaping, septic-fields, pathways and drives, as a base-material for road construction and asphalt surfacing.

Granite rocks are excavated and extracted from our quarries, and goes through a primary stage of crushing while at the same time there is a thorough removal of soft fragments, organic impurities and clay and other components that may be harmful to construction. The resulting rocks are sent to different crushers to undergo successive transformations so as to obtain the fine and coarse or the all-in aggregates which will then be calibrated and classified according to their characteristic defined by their grading limits in compliance to specific international standards of general construction.

All our finished products are sampled and sent  to laboratories to analyse, control and attest that our products are consistent  and adhere to construction standards.

Our production workforce is of about 35 workers who are dedicated to the day-to-day running. Because the equipments with which they work are of the most advanced technology, our workers have been trained to troubleshoot and solve any daily issues and ensure that there is a continuous maintenance of our equipments to the correct standard so that the products are consistently of excellent quality and that the stock levels are maintained at a reasonable level for a good delivery service and a continuous supply of our local demands.


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