In recent years UCPS has been at the forefront of several Geotechnical Investigation and Piling Projects setting a benchmark that has positively changed the Building and Construction Industry of the Seychelles.


A Geotechnical site investigation starts with a thorough process of collecting information and evaluating the conditions of the site for the purpose of designing and constructing the most suitable foundations for the structure, be it a building, a plant or a bridge.
UCPS has the specific equipment and expert staff required for Soil Investigation on both land and offshore, down to 100 metres and in all types of strata. Samples (soils, sand, clay, granite and basalt) are logged and submitted along with comprehensive reports that include analysis for foundation recommendations and designs.

Excellent planning and strict management of the geotechnical site investigation is key to obtaining sufficient and precise site information required to design the structure in a timely manner and with minimum cost.


Ever since the first project in 2015 which required steel tube piles of 700 mm diameter to be driven down to a depth of 35 metres, UCPS committed to becoming the lead provider of piling in the Seychelles. This commitment necessitated massive investment in sophisticated, high quality and reliable equipment from Dubai and the Netherlands. UCPS has since expanded its piling equipment to include big capacity crawler cranes, hydraulic power-packs, vibrating hammers and impact hammers and are able to achieve all types of piling techniques both on land and offshore - we are now able to vibrate or hammer down a vast range of piles from 300mm up to 1200mm in diameter.

As the market leader UCPS confidently forecasts a secure future in the Seychelles Building Industry delivering superior infrastructural projects both in the Public and Private sectors.


The Seychelles unique and mountainous topography poses particular challenges for Piling Projects. Navigating narrow roads and steep terrain is often impossible for the huge piling equipment and cranes and therefore remote site constraints and complex building sites demand innovative techniques.

This is where UCPS’ Micro-Piling equipment has revolutionised common Seychelles construction problems making the impossible – possible.
There are almost no limits to the versatility of the adaptable and manoeuvrable Micro-Piling equipment, making the most ambitious projects achievable.   UCPS offers a variety of solutions to construction challenges such as; Micro-Piling, rock anchor systems and rigid intrusion techniques. 

We are proud to be the facilitators of complex construction projects for architects, building contractors and project managers with our resourceful and modern approach to foundation techniques.


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