Gregory Albert, the General Manager of UCPS said, the problem with Marine Transport is that it was not always available and with so many developments happening on the other islands
UCPS felt it should put the measures in place to ensure the consistency and availability of its products.

With the purchase of our own landing craft we able to pass on the benefits by offering the UCPS Cement and Crusher Products to individuals on Praslin and La Digue for the same price as on Mahe also we have re-adjusted the transport costs for our products to La Digue.

The addition of the landing craft is a milestone for the development of the Seychelles that opens up delivery routes and interconnects the islands for the building industry.

The new landing craft with a 350 ton bunk cargo capacity is named “Spirit of Ton Joe” after the UCPS Founder and Chairman Mr Joe Albert - He said: “I want to leave something to connect the three islands – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue – after my departure. What better thing to leave but our spirit.”