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Our projects

  • Project ile soleil

    Ile Soleil is 123,000 square metres of reclaimed island at Anse Aux Pins, in the eastern district of the main island of Mahé. The new island is mainly designated for residential development along with some commercial plots.

    This month sees the commencement of the ground infrastructure work including; the provisions of water, electricity, roads, pavements, drains, street lights, sewage, telecommunication ducts, bridges, added reclamation work, public parking and garden spaces.

    United Concrete Products Seychelles (UCPS) won the contract to carry out these major works alongside engineering company GIBB (Seychelles). The infrastructure works are due to be completed by December 2015.

  • Infrastructure - Ile Soleil

    •    Laying of 0.6 km of 300mm dia. DI pipe Water Mains on Ile Soleil.
    •    Laying of 1.1 km of 110mm dia and 0.25 km of 50mm dia HDPE water pipe and
    •    61 Nos House Connection on Ile Soleil.
    •    Laying of 0.45km of 250mm dia, 0.8km of 200mm dia, 0.1km of 160mm dia uPVC
    •    pipes for Gravity Sewers, 0.65km of 160mm dia HDPE Rising Mains and 59 Nos House Connection.
    •    Construction of 1 No. Pumping Station complete with M & E Works.
    •    Laying of HV electrical cables over a length of 0.7km on Ile Soleil.
    •    Laying of LV electrical cables over a length of 1.5km on Ile Soleil.
    •    Construction of 4 Nos. 11kV Distribution Sub-Stations and 65 Nos HouseConnection.
    •    Laying of 1.7km of 110mm dia. PVC duct for telephone, 1.7km of 110mm dia. PVCduct for TV and 1km of 45mm dia. PVC duct from distribution box to housing units.
    •    Construction of 1.8km of Drains
    •    Construction of 2.0km of Roads

  • Construction of Bridges, Access Roads and Offsite Utilities

    A.    Construction of two bridges.
    •    Bridge no 1 (12 m span and 20 m long)
    •    Bridge no 2 (12m span and 48 m long)

    B. Water
    •    Laying of 0.6km of 300mm dia. DI pipe Water Mains on Ile Soleil.

    C. Electricity
    •    Laying of HV electrical cables over a length of 0.6km on Ile Soleil.

    D. Telecom
    •    Laying of 0.6km of 110mm dia. PVC duct for telephone, 1.7km of 110mm dia

    E. Roads and Drains
    •    Construction of 0.6km of Roads

    F. Dredging Works, Rock Revetment and Sand Bunds
    •    6000 m3 of dredging works
    •    Placing of 13000m3 rock revetment

  • Micro-Piling Castor Road

    In July 2016, the technical expertise of UCPS was requested for foundation solutions for a new apartment building project. The site is situated along Castor Road in Victoria. Due to the complexity of the sub-stratum, revealed in the Geotechnical Investigation, and the very tricky site accessibility, UCPS geotechnical and piling department came out with a design and build micro-pile foundation solution.

    The design being approved by the Client’s Engineer and the Government Authorities, UCPS mobilized on the site and launched this first ever micro-piling foundation project in the Seychelles. To be able to drill and cast effectively the 44 designed micro-piles, our technical team adopted the ODEX down the Hole Hammer drilling method. Our 15 bars Compressor was thus also mobilized together with our Hanjin versatile D&B 8B Drilling Rig.

    Prior to the effective start of the micro-piles drilling, a test pile was drilled and casted following a series of grout-mix design in our Laboratory of Providence. An initial Static Load Test was performed successfully and the green light was then given for the drilling of the 44 piles. At the end of the drilling and casting, a second Static Load Test was performed to confirm the effective strength of the piles.

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    Castor Rd Project Details

    The Project in Figures

    ● Design and build: 44 micro-piles
    ● Diameter of the piles: 274 mm
    ● Depths of the micro-piles: 12 to 18 meters (Total 610 meters)
    ● Steel Tube Used as armature: 88.9 mm special N80 tubes from Dubai
    ● Grout Injection: 52 M³ of cement grout injected in the 44 piles
    ● Static Load Tests: 2 Static Load Tests were successfully performed

    Equipment Used for the Project

    ● Drilling Rig: Hanjin D&B 8B Versatile Rig (South Korea / 2015)
    ● Drilling Tool: ODEX DTH Hammer 275 mm Ø (South Africa / 2016)
    ● Compressor: Kaeser M350 (14 bars) (Germany / 2015)
    ● Grout Collodial Mixer: HANY HCM 100 (Switzerland / 2012)
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  •  Demolition at IOT projects

    Indian Ocean Tuna Ltd – Controlled demolition of 35m diameter reinforced concrete tank slab, and associated tank support structures.
    UCPS mobilized excavators to site with hydraulic hammers to provide rapid breaking of the concrete. The reinforcement was then separated from the concrete, and the debris loaded into the UCPS landing Craft ‘Little Boy’ and carted away.
    The project was completed 2 weeks earlier than the contractual completion date.

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    IOT (Indian Ocean tuna) Sewage treatment plant

    Treatment plant capacity is 2100m3

    Design build civil work , installation and Erection of Electro mechanical work

    Client: GWE Global Water Engineering

    Duration: 18 months

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  • Anonyme Marina

    Client: Anonyme Estates Ltd

    Duration: 18 Months

    Description: Construction of Marina

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  • Construction of Cold Rooms and Fish Processing Factory for CCCS at Ile du Port, Mahé, Seychelles

    The Central Common Cold Store (CCCS), the project consists of the construction of steel superstructure building of about 12,200m² resting on piled foundations to house cold rooms, sorting areas, fish processing factory and offices with all associated infrastructures. UCPS (Main Contract) has built all the civil works for the project and the steel work.

    Part of UCPS scope of work is Coordinating the works of all the nominated sub-contractors (Site clearance and removal of trees, steelworks, refrigeration, cold-room paneling & refrigeration and hybrid power (generators & photovoltaic system).

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  • Charter Vessel by Seychelles Island Foundation

    Project Purpose:

    Shipping in of crucial items required to sustain the foundation operations on a remote atoll and shipping out garbage brought in by tide movement into the atoll

    Voyage was part finance by UCPS as per UCPS CSR

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  • La Digue Port Extension

    The new design of La passe port extension at La digue will comprise passenger ferry, handling cargo, and landing craft slipway.

    The duration of the project is 12 months starting from March 2022 to March 2023 for the Seychelles Ports Authority.

    This project concern itself with the construction of a 128m long*6.95m wide z type sheet pile quay.

    The existing basin will be dredged -3.00m ACD and to construct a new structure along the shoreline of the basin of La passe harbor. under the supervision of Seychelles port authority.

    The port project helps La digue to upgrade and modernize the facility by deepening the harbor and increasing the berthing space by converting the present retaining wall next to the passenger terminal building for berthing purposes.

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  • La Digue Port Extension Details

    Dredging of existing sea basin to -3.00 ACD for an area of 6640m2.
    Construction of Breakwater to keep the basin calm. The Breakwater is 83m long* 19m wide, which consist of rocks size varying from 700mm to 1200mm, from UCPS quarry.
    Relocation of existing main electric cable passing of 200 meter long through the sea.
    Sheet pile preparation - Sand blasting and applying primer and marine final coat paint before driving the piles.
    202 Nos of Z type sheet pile driving using vibro hammer up to design level.
    Installation of Walings and Tie rods associated with sheet pile.
    Backfilling between sheet piles using coral fill.
    Compaction using dynamic compaction method.
    Fabrication and installation of Concrete precast Fenders.
    Main concrete works includes cope beams and apron slab.
    Installation of Quay equipment like, DD fenders, moorings and bollards.
    All related water drainage system for the jetty.
    14m wide* 18m long concrete slipway to serve cargo facilities.
    Supply and installation of Gabion mattress.
    Supply and Installation of Aluminum anodes for the protection of Sheet piles.

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UCPS news

  • UCPS Employees Learn First Aid
  • Landing Craft Spirit of Ton Joe
  • UCPS donate to Anglican Church
  • UCPS Starts Emergency Coastal Protection Works

UCPS Employees Learn First Aid

Eight employees from United Concrete Products Seychelles (UCPS) were awarded with First Aid certificates last week. All eight First Aiders were under the tutelage of First Aid training coordinator Sandra Sabury of the Red Cross Society of Seychelles and sat an exam at the end, where they all passed with a Distinction.

The ceremony was held in the UCPS conference room at Anse des Genets, whilst the chairman Joseph Albert and general manager (GM) Gregory Albert looked on. Also in attendance were Ms. Sabury and the assistant human resources manager (AHRM), Kevin Perine.

Mr. Perine noted at the event that this group was the first cohort to undergo first aid training. He said that the company “would like to continue empowering our staff with the right skills needed, and first aid training is one that is very important. Due to the nature of the business in case of any casualty, we now have qualified first aiders in house that can assist."

The GM, who expressed his full support for the training programme, revealed that a second cohort would soon undergo the same programme, which is organised in partnership with the Red Cross Society of Seychelles. “It is primordial to give your employees different opportunities,” he said observing that “the First Aid training will not only be beneficial for the company, but the skills acquired can be useful in the employees' everyday life.'

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Landing Craft Spirit of Ton Joe

Gregory Albert, the General Manager of UCPS said, the problem with Marine Transport is that it was not always available and with so many developments happening on the other islands
UCPS felt it should put the measures in place to ensure the consistency and availability of its products.

With the purchase of our own landing craft we able to pass on the benefits by offering the UCPS Cement and Crusher Products to individuals on Praslin and La Digue for the same price as on Mahe also we have re-adjusted the transport costs for our products to La Digue.

The addition of the landing craft is a milestone for the development of the Seychelles that opens up delivery routes and interconnects the islands for the building industry.

The new landing craft with a 350 ton bunk cargo capacity is named “Spirit of Ton Joe” after the UCPS Founder and Chairman Mr Joe Albert - He said: “I want to leave something to connect the three islands – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue – after my departure. What better thing to leave but our spirit.”

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UCPS donate to Anglican Church

UCPS donate generously to Anse Des Genets Anglican church during Christmas season. Including:

-Clean Up and painting of front wall

-Ground/parking surface improvement

-Clean up and level all round premises with aggregate

-Christmas lights

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UCPS Starts Emergency Coastal Protection Works

Emergency coastal protection works commences infront of STC HQ in marine marine charter bassin as a result of heavy erosion of the coastal area.

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